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Great Car & Truck Values & Specials

Used Car Specials

2014-2015 Nissan Altima - High depreciation will save you money on an almost new car.

New Car Specials

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Limited - Last years model is now the "Limited. These models should be discounted significantly

Find exceptionally high quality and great values.

Big Deal General Store

We scour the USA for Exceptionally High Quality Products or Service and for Great Value - sometimes both!

Some times a product or service is offered on promotion. We list them here. Other times a product or service is so much better than their competition, that it is by far the best choice. Some examples are:

  • Quality and Value: Kitchenaid mixers are engineered so well that they have dominated their market and can be found in so many kitchen. The durability of these machines is absolutely superior to anything else in market.
  • Price: Reader glasses from a certain dollar store at $1 are at such a low price point, their value is exceptional. Many people over 50 rely on these glasses and are unaware of this value.

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